Improv Made Easier

I am so proud to announce that my book 'Improv Made Easier' is officially available for purchase. In this companion book to your stage and classroom experience, you'll receive simplified concrete instruction, exercises to practice, and tons of scene examples to help you get better and have a blast doing it! This book represents more than twenty years improv experience and more than thirteen years teaching experience.

You can buy the paperback version or the Kindle version on Amazon. If you're going to see me in person anytime soon you can buy them directly from me and save shipping costs

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Improv Made Easier

Improv Made Easier

My book 'Improv Made Easier' is available in paperback and Kindle version at

I designed this book to help improvisers ranging from twenty-year veterans to people brand new to the art form. Scroll down to see reviews and an excerpt from the book featured on Jimmy Carrane's 'Improv Nerd Blog.'

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