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Have Questions? Let's Chat.

Have questions? Want to see if we will work well together? Schedule a free phone call (up to 15 min.) where I am happy to answer your questions and tell you more about me and my process. 

I Guarantee My Work

Also, I guarantee my work. If you book a session and you are not satisfied that my coaching was worth the money I will happily refund you


30 min. Session......$55   

1 hr. Session...........$100​

  • Acting (stage or camera)

  • Writing (screenplays, books, jokes)

  • Stand up (writing & performance)

  • Directing (theatre, improv, sketch, on-camera)

  • Pitching (in-person & pitch packets)

  • Public Speaking (sales presentations, speeches, hosting)Producing (live shows & on camera)

  • Productivity/Anti-Procrastination

  • Music (basic guitar and piano)

  • Improvising (short form, long form, hip hop)

  • Brainstorming & Creative Problem Solving

  • Teaching & Coaching for Adults 

  • Interview Skills

  • Career Planning

  • Mindset

  • Storytelling

Hi. My name is Rich Baker & I am obsessed with helping creative people level up their game. 

I have practiced a wide variety of disciplines across the creative spectrum. I love coaching & my students say I'm good at it (see below). And I am looking to work with clients who want to level up their game in any of the following:

Skills & Disciplines

To schedule a coaching session email me:

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